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I can’t believe how much darker they’ve made the Doctor

he may be a grumpily old guy but then he does shit like this and I honestly start to wonder how much of it’s an act

I hope you haven’t already heard this but…


I went to a convention today and attended Jenna Coleman’s panel and I thought you’d like this funny anecdote about Peter she told us.

The Doctor Who crew were filming late at night at an abandoned railway station (probably talking about Flatline) and they only had 15 minutes left to shoot and they couldn’t find Peter (he has a habit of wandering off from the set).

Peter finally showed up on set, but he was soaking wet! The make up department was furious!

The reason for that is that he was wandering around the station and saw a red button and pressed it.

It turned out to be button for a shower!

That seems so much like something the eleventh Doctor would do XD

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clara oswald + blue

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So like if you’re not sure if you love Peter Capaldi yet let me tell you what Jenna said at her panel today:

  • One time he went off to search for a pastie, got distracted by a big red button, pushed it and it turned out to be a shower so he came back soaking wet and the make up people got mad
  • When he shot his scene regenerating from Matt he tried it so many insane ways that there were times he literally break-danced and at one point he sang ‘kidneys’ operatically and Jenna’s confused reactions in that scene are genuine
  • He’s a fan of the show but he’s not one of those guys that acts like he knows better than you and corrects you on pronunciation and stuff
  • She said he’s the nicest person on set

Can we all just appreciate the 12th doctor

I think she does understand the Doctor better.

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I did it. I finally did it. and so let me introduce my favorite character on DW EVER, yes Clara, it’s you.
For the first time I saw her I thought she barely could replace Rose, or even Amy (although I don’t like her as much) or basically any other companion.I was obviously judging her just by her appearance and with some sort of personal prejudice BUT LISTEN I FELL IN LOVE IN 30 SECONDS. it was that episode with Daleks, where she was just walking around and it was just freaking 30 seconds and I knew she was gonna be amazing.

P.s. Wasn’t her dress made of stars? (no way it wasn’t)

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I can’t believe how much darker they’ve made the Doctor

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Is that… is that another TARDIS?




Missy stalking her OTP since who knows when

Missy taking the “Now kiss" fannish urge to great new heights by giving Clara the TARDIS number in the first place

and she’s even trying so hard to make them CANON

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Argh what does Missy mean though….

Stay away from Clara!


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