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“One of the difficulties with her ‘impossible girl’ story was that she wasn’t actually a participant in it, because she didn’t actually know about the mystery … Certainly she came to life immediately as a character and as a performance with Peter [Capaldi]’s Doctor … suddenly there was a different chemistry. Peter and Jenna absolutely belong together in Doctor Who. To be absolutely honest, there’s also the problem of … you look at Matt Smith in a bow tie and you’re looking for Karen Gillan. You just are. So it was tough for Jenna.Do you remember back in the day … Sarah Jane Smith seemed like a rather dull replacement for Jo Grant, til Tom Baker’s Doctor came along? Sarah Jane was quite boring for that first year, then Tom Baker came along and – fazoom – she was brilliant. Clara has her own Doctor now, and she becomes the main character – which of course the companion always should be, really…”

Steven Moffat addressing the criticisms of Clara Oswald (x)


So you know how the Doctor was working at a shop during Closing Time.


This is from the Vault (i think thats what it’s called?) And offical book of Doctor Who.



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we're actually gonna do it? rob t h e b a n k ?
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Into the Dalek

Painted in Photoshop CC.  8-9 hours.

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the deep and lovely d a r k
e’d never see the s t a r s without it
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The Doctor & Clara ~ Time Heist x

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"River Song, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald are exactly the same sexy, sassy female character Moffat loves."

I think you mean

"River Song, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald -despite having vastly different story arcs, personalities, jobs, hobbies, lifestyles, relationships and personal philosophies- are all represented as being body positive. We have very little representation in the media of women who think they are attractive, and the ones who do are more often than not villains and antagonists. Therefore I have chosen to amplify that single shared trait River, Amy and Clara have and reduce all their other characteristics, so I can make them into the perfect strawmen for my argument that Moffat can’t write women. In reality it proves I have little to no textual analysation skills, and can’t overcome my societal programming in regards to the dominant discourse of women who hate their appearance are not only good and kind, but secretly beautiful all along, while women who actually like their appearance must be shallow and self absorbed and therefore not worthy of consideration as legitimate individuals in their own right."

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Motives [2]

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Clara Oswald in Time Heist.

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make me choose: anonymous asked
Clara Oswald or Amy Pond

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Favorite lines of The Doctor [1/3]
Doctor Who 8.04 “Listen” 

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